Covid Coop-Up Talitha McMahon

I am nine, almost 10. People are scared of catching Covid-19, so we are social distancing ourselves by staying home and staying 6ft away from people outside our families.  This means that businesses are not open and are losing money, so people are also worried about losing thier jobs. My dad is a nurse, so he hopefully won’t lose his job, but he may carry the virus home from the hospital where he works.  A lot of kids cannot go to school now and are having to learn how to entertain themselves all day long, but I am home-schooled and have been for all my life, so I am used to being home a lot.

But it still feels weird.  I have to stay six feet away from my neighbors and cannot go to friends’ houses. I haven’t been out of the house since last Wednesday to deliver a meal to  someone, but I didn’t even get out of the car. My mom said that we need to bake scones, cinnamon rolls, pancakes etc. because we’re trying to give the chickens’ eggs away to people who need them.  Another funny thing is that instead of eating apples and peanut butter, I eat apples and cream cheese now too.


Because I can’t play with friends or go to dance, I spend my time planting outside and producing plays with my brothers (My parents are the audience and we use cardboard for scenery).  I also busted out the blanket I am crocheting. A blanket is a very long project!

20200406_103642 (2)

My dad, my brothers, and I just finished building a quail coop add-on to the chicken coop.  We will probably buy quail tomorrow, and we may also get a pig and bunnies, along with dogs in the near future. 20200406_103812

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  1. Patti Blueberry says:

    Keep writing , Talitha! I want to want to hear about life from you. I also want to see that blanket grow.


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