A common method to obtain residual income, an Amazon Store (AStore for short) is a list of items we have compiled that anyone can purchase on Amazon. The beauty of the Amazon store is that if you purchase it by following a link on our blog, then we get percentage of the profits.  Also, once you follow one of our links to Amazon, anything you choose to purchase outside of our AStore will be credited to our account.

Our Guarantee

We promise to list items that will only bring joy, vision and guidance to you on your own journey, remaining consistent with the vision of this blog and our own life.  In keeping in the spirit of adventure and minimalism, our desire is not for you to buy more stuff so we can make a few bucks.  Rather, we want to lead you to tools that will enrich your lives and lead you further up and further into your Good Life.

DIYtheGoodLife Amazon Store

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