Our family recently returned from living in Mae Sot, Thailand as volunteers with the Charis Project.  Here we are ready to say good-bye to our time in Thailand and return to our home in the US.

Our time in Maesot, Thailand was full of adventure, heartache, illness, friendship, fun, success and failure.  For those who followed us along the way, thanks for sticking with us.  For those who are just finding us for the first time, welcome!  As we transition back to our life in suburban America, we debated whether or not to keep the blog alive.  While our main goal was never just to raise funds to support our work, it was a very real focus of what we were writing to achieve.  Without that goal, was there a purpose to keeping the blog?

After eight months on hiatus, we decided that we didn’t want to just add to the noise of the internet.  Blogging requires a lot of time and emotional energy, energy that we only wanted to spend if it could in some way benefit those who are reading.  So, here we are back online seeing if we have anything worthwhile to say.  Our hope is that by sharing what’s on our minds, we can encourage others towards love, hope, peace, and joy.  We are striving to give away all the tools we have at our disposal so that our neighbors can realize their own Good Life.

We always appreciate connecting with new people.  We no longer need financial support for the work that we do, but we believe that we all need others to run along side us and cheer us on.  If you are encouraged by what we have to say, please be sure to follow our blog or leave a comment with your own thoughts on a subject, even if it’s just to say that you are experiencing a similar struggle or victory in your life.  We would love to hear from you!