Digging in Deep

Last week, I took my older son to the Charis Teaching Farm with me.  We had researched a natural farming practice called “Banana Circles” and we were anxious to implement it. Banana Circles are essentially a 1 meter wide pit dug 1 meter deep.  The excess dirt is piled on the rim of the pit….

How Farming in Thailand Connects with the Gospel

Full Disclosure: for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, we are missionaries living in Thailand.  So what does farming have to do with the gospel?  Farming is food and the gospel has to do with going to heaven, right?  To be honest, I’m tempted to believe this. But you may be pleasantly…

January Farm Update

The Charis Teaching Farm has been in transition with staff changing over, new projects and the dry season in full swing.  It has been a time of exciting change and new developments. Staff Empowerment In December, our Farm Manager moved back to Chiang Mai.  I have been filling in as the Farm Manager since then….

My Son the Farmer

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to bring my son to the Charis Teaching Farm.  We had a great time together, exerted ourselves physically and learned about vermaculture. We started by harvesting morning glory, called Pak Boong in Thai (Pak means vegetable in Thai, so most vegetables are called Pak _______; FYI).  In the States, this is…