Full Circle

The family camping out in the living room.  And so it begins...
The family camping out in the living room. And so it begins…

We move out of our house tomorrow.  I’m sitting in my living room right now.  It is empty.  It reminds me of the first night we slept in our house 6 years ago.  It was January 17.  Our oldest son was only 19 months old, and he, Shannon and I huddled in blankets on our new carpet that night.  It was so cold, but it remains one of the warmest memories I possess.  The Three Amigos, we called ourselves.

World's cutest packing assistant
World’s cutest packing assistant

I remember that night like it was yesterday.  We were filled with excitement.  We had so many plans for our house.  A new adventure awaited us.  The house went through many changes and updates and there is now an urban farm in my front yard.  My family grew by two; we’ve made wonderful memories and had amazing experiences together.  What is remarkable is that all the “stuff”, the various pieces of furniture, toys and gadgets, they came and went.  We enjoyed them, but even though they are gone now, family remains and it feels like nothing is missing.  Laying on the living room floor tonight before bedtime, we laughed more than ever before, playing together and talking about the past.  It was Good.

Tonight marks the first step of the next leg of this journey in our Good Life.  We get to find out what the Good Life means for us as we rely on friends and family to host us.  I have so many questions, worries, fears.  Mostly, I feel free: all the decluttering and organizing is almost done!  But for tonight, I sit in my living room with my wife and three kids asleep.  And I remember.  I remember how empty it looked and yet how full that house felt as our family of three huddled together to stay warm.  Nothing has changed.

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