What It’s Like to Be in Thailand

*This is a guest post from our six year old daughter.  After I wrote our last post, she wanted to write one of her own.  Enjoy this little slice of our life in Thailand through the eyes of a child.

We like to do a lot in Thailand, and I am having a lot of fun in Thailand. It is fun to be here, but we miss our friends from America and we miss America. So, I would like to start this post to tell you what it is like in Thailand.

20160314_080228First of all, I am going to tell you what we like to do in Thailand. We like to eat rhoti, which is a Burmese breakfast specialty, so sometimes we go to Lucky Tea Shop and have rhoti and something else called Naan. Sometimes they have donuts, but not round ones, ones that are in a fat line. We eat these with very sweet tea.

Yay! Hooray! Just yesterday, we bought a couch, and I am sitting on the couch as I tell my mom what to type in this post. We have not ever had a couch in a very, very long time, not even six or seven months. We like to watch youtube and play Minecraft on the couch.

These are some of our friends from out of town, when we went to visit them.

My brother and I do have a lot of fun because we have met friends here. There are two families who live in another city, and I like them!  One time one of the families came to visit us here, and we went to a water fall.  There is another family that lives here in this city, and they also came to the waterfall.  We have known both families since before my brother was born. I like going to their houses because they have big yards and because there are girls to play with. At one house, we play boat or ship, and sometimes it’s funny when one of them walks the plank.  We live across the street from another family that has two kids, who are both boys.  We play live action video games with them. There is another family in our town with three girls and one boy. One of the girls is 8, one of them is 4 and the other is 6. The little boy is 3.  They come to church with us.  We like to play chase and pretend we are spies together.

We’re chillin’ out, eating ice cream at the water park.

We went to the water park on Saturday with that family. I had fun going down all the slides. The big blue one was my favorite because it’s so big that when you go down it, you have to cross your legs and arms. I went so far,but Michael beat me and mommy went all the way down that you can go, so she beat us both.  We also had ice cream that day.  We went to the water park for my birthday, and I got birthday cake flavor ice cream.

My Beautiful Bed!

In our room, my brother and I have a bunk bed.  It is made out of bamboo.  We don’t use the ladder because our baby brother can climb up with it, and if he falls down, he can really hurt himself.  My big brother and I can climb up with out the ladder.  Now that he can push chairs around, he has been able to climb up onto our clothes drawers with a stool and climb up from there onto the top bunk.  We were surprised when we came into the room and saw that he could get up there!

I just wanted you to know what we do in Thailand.

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